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Aroon Shivdasani, Executive Director and Founding Member,Indo-American Arts Council, Inc.,on our Hindi Radio Show,Chat and Chai

Aroon Shivdasani Executive Director and Founding Member, Indo-American Arts Council, Inc.,on our Hindi Radio Show,Chat and Chai .

Executive Director and founding member of the Indo-American Arts Council, Aroon is passionate about its mission to build an awareness of Indian artists and artistic disciplines.

On the show, she talks about her passion, about her lovely daughters...and much more..We go a few years down, as Aroon takes us to the days Indo - American Arts Council, Inc. came into being. 

Aroon comes acrossa as a wonderful person. She has been steering Indo - American Arts Council, Inc. to new heights despite the fact that funds become a concern . So if you would like to reach Aroon , write-in at and do tune-in to our Hindi Radio show,Chat and Chai this tuesday,April 08 at 11 AM EST

Murali Krishnamurthy ,Founder,Sankara Eye Foundation, on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai


Murali Krishnamurthy,Founder,Sankara Eye Foundation talks to us about the inception of the Foundation. The Foundation holds events all around the year, the proceeds of which go in for a great cause...a lot of Eye Hospitals have been built and a very large number of Eye Operations done as India.
The events are organised all across the United States..
To know more about the Foundataion, the events, do join us for our discussion on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai, April 01 at 11 AM
Murali has a great tune-in for sure..
In the meanwhile, do also visit
and if you have a message for Murali, please do reach at

JINN movie Contest,tune-in for details on our Hindi Radio Shows

JINN movie directed by South Asian DIR Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad releases on 4th April...
Participate in jinn the movie contest and get a chance to win XBOX OR IPAD 
visit and doooo fill in merasangeet in the group name question.
Stay tuned-in on all our Hindi Radio Shows for more details

Remembering Nanda,one of India's finest Actors, on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai

The news of Nanda's demise is still taking time to sink...its taking time to sink-in the fact that an era is slowing closing down the era of beautiful films, the very beautiful songs and the ever so graceful actors...

Nanda, the very graceful actor has made incredible contribution to  Indian Cinema. Films like Shor, Jab Jab Phool Khile,Gumnaam,Teen Deviyan,The Train, Hum Dono,Parivar, Abhilasha , Aaj aur Kal, Prem Rog left a distinct mark. 

Yes, Nanda happend to be one of my favourites...She will be always remembered for her grace, her work. She will always be in our hearts and will have a special place in Indian Cinema.

On our Hind Radio Show, Chat and Chai, we take you down the a different era- of different films, of films we grew up watching, of magical songs...we also bring to you an  extract from an earlier interview with the great Indian Actor, Manoj Kumar who talks of the making of the film Shor, of Nanda...Do join in for sure, this Thursday, March 11 AM EST...

RIP will be missed greatly...

Our Winner with the Dhoom loot bags...from an earlier contest on Merasangeet


Celebrate the festival of colors, Holi, with us on Merasangeet

Holi Ke din ki ye mulakat yaad rahegi, rango ki ye barsaat yaad rahegi! Aap ko mile rangeen duniya aese hamesha, ye meri dua rahegi! Holi Mubarak !!

Holi,the festival of here bring in joy and color into our we wait for this one festival...when we are free from all bondages...when we just let go of the past and just enjoy the festivities...

The beautiful festival brings with itself so much of hope, so much enthusiam...So, do join us today on Mersangeet as we take you back to some memories in India...

We take you to different parts of India, where Holi is celebrated over with us and enjoy the colors of life with us on this beautiful, colorful

Wish you all a very Happy Holi...!!smiley

Yami Gautam,in conversation with us on our Hindi Radio Shows


Yami Gautam talks about her much awaited film."Total Siyappa"...Yami says the film is very different starts and ends in one what is the Siyappa about...that you will know when you watch the film on 7 March 2014...That said, it was sheer pleasure talking to the beautiful Yami...A very bright student who aspired to join the elite Indian Administrative Services (IAS)...but she says that destiny had something else in store for her and Yes she is thoroughly enjoying what she is doing...She talks about working with Ali Zafar and Kiron Kher and how she thoroughly enjoyed being part of the film..

For the rest of the conversation, do join in on our Hindi Radio Shows:

Wednesday,March 5, on Chat and Chai (the first part) at, 7 AM,11 AM,and 5 PM (EST)

Thursday,March 6 -7 AM,2 PM,8 PM(EST) on Desh ki Dhadkan and on

Friday,March 7 - 11 to 1 PM , 5 to 7 PM (EST) Full interview

"Total Siyappa" is Distributed by Reliance Entertainment. So, do keep your weekend free and enjoy the film. And if you have any messages for Yami, do write-in at or at

Anand Sharma,volunteer for AAP on our Hindi Radio Talk show,Chat and Chai

Anand Sharma,volunteer for AAP, the Aam Aadmi Party, talks to us on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai. Anand does email response and is the admin for NRI website of the AAP.

Anand Sharma has been in the US for more than a decade, but memories of India are still fresh on his mind. And the memories revolve around his work in India ... a journey which took him to the corridors of the Govt from where he would return disheartened with not so pleasant memories...memories of the darker side of India, an India which faces accute corrouption...

How and why did he join the AAP, the Aam Aadmi Party, a new political party which has caught the imagination of millions of people all across India as well as acroos the globe...what change does he feel the AAP can bring in India...what are his predictions on the 2014 general elections in India...he shares with us his optimistic and practical join in for more..

Do tune-in for our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai, at 11 AM EST on Wednesday,Feb 26. And if you want to reach Anand Sharma, do write-in at

Pran Kurup,renowned columnist,former President of SIPA,the main Media Outreach Point of Contact for AAP Global on our Hindi show

Pran Kurup is a renowned columnist in Economic Times and a former President of the Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association (SIPA).
He also manages a lot of back-end technical aspects of AAP along with being the main Media Outreach Point of Contact for AAP Global today.
So, we had a long conversation with Pran on AAP, how he sees it as an unconventional party , a party which lacks infrastructure and funds but non-the -less is edging closer to the hearts of Indians ...all across the globe...of how,AAP stands as a party synonymous today of an India which is in a India which does not want its problems weighed down by paper-weights behind closed air-conditioned rooms...rather an India which is looking for India which wants to see the change, be the change it wants...
What has been the role of Pran Kurup, and how can each and every NRI pitch in for a better India, join in and know how you could become a part of history ...our conversation on Chat and Chai at 11 AM EST on ,Feb 18
And if you would like to convey a message to Pran Kurup, do write in at

Happy Valentine's Day

Team Merasangeet wishes you all a very Happy Valentine's Day..Have a great day..celebrate the love and bond that you share with all your dear ones...apno ke saath...and stay tuned-in for all our shows on Merasangeet....sab ka meet...

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