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So you've been comparing schools -- US vs India???... Join for a chat on Chat and Chai,for more on this -Today !!

Oh!! How we miss schools back home in India... we studied so hard and reached here... Our Math was soooo very good, we could just calculate in a jifffy calculators.... and did we know all our tables ?... most of  us knew till  the 20 ka table...our moms would ensure that we knew our 18, 19,17!! all these tables and we were not allowed to go out and play untill we finished these...even during the holidays...

World cup brigade..!!

Hey friend`s ....! after loads of assumptions and apprehensions finally ,player for the world cup 2k11 are selected..!and the names are 

1)Sehwag,2)sachin,3)Gautam gambhir,4)Virat kohli,5)Yuvraj singh,6)Suresh raina,7)harbhajan singh,8)yusuf pathan,9)zaheer khan,10)ashish nehra,11)Praveen kumar ,12)Munaf patel,13)Rvichandra ashwin,14)Piyush chawla..!

   The battle ground is ready and so are the soldiers ,lets see will india battle it out successfully  ..!!


Meet Rakesh D Rathod, today on our show, Saat Samundar Paar !!

Rakesh D Rathod gives us lot of information on Nuclear Power... talks about himself, life in the States and a lot more....Join in for this very informative show today on our show Saat Samundar Paar, at 3 PM (EST)...

In case you want to connect with Rakesh, do send in a message at

Meet Rajiv S Khanna, today on our show, Saat Samundar Paar !!

In matters of U.S. Immigration Laws, the Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, PC, proudly counsel and represent clients from every continent of the world and all fifty States within USA. The largest portal in the world on immigration currently has over 150,000 registered members and over 1.5 Million posts.

Mr. Khanna will take your immigration questions every Monday during Kanwal's program, Saat Samundar Paar.

Meet Mohit Chauhan ,today on our show, Saat Samundar Paar !!

 the song from Jab we met then , peelon- tere hoton ki sargam , guncha...and so many more nos, you must have heard all these beautiful nos and many more....rendered by Mohit Chauhan.... who feels he gets the inspiration from the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, a beautiful State in India....

So, tune-in today for some lovely music, by Mohit ji and know more about him....on our show, Saat Samundar at 3 pm (EST)

Trying to adjust with a new-born ?... Join in for some tips at 3 PM EST

A new-born is always sheer joy for all in the family... suddenly the world becomes so different... everybody seems to be running towards the little one at a mere whimper from its side... and just as we all take turns to hold the baby, craddle it , there are some other souls  in the family who feel completly lost in this new phase of life... where he/she is put after the baby... and there is simply no time for explaining anything then... he/she sometimes just watches from a distance and feels everything that was his, now loosing his hold...

Meet Master Saleem , today on our show, Saat Samundar Paar !!

The great singing sensation, Master Saleem, joined us on Mera Sangeet for a refreshing interview. Master Saleem started singing at the age of 10 and his first song, a punjabi number, Charkhe Di Ghook, became an instant hit. With his first song as a playback singer becoming a great hit, there is no looking back for this young sensation who hails from Punjab. He has now signed a few films too....To his credit are many albums, many Punjabi numbers which are a must in weddings & parties.... A wonderful person, you'll love meeting him .... so suniye zaroor is bohut hi dilchasp mulakat ko.... You can visit Master Saleem's website and become his fan on Facebook

Ever listened to the whispers of your soul.... join in today at 3 PM (EST)

Our life says so does our soul... it whispers some home-truths and some other concerns.... but we don't have time... we move ahead in this hustle-bustle of life, and somewhere deep within , the whispers of our souls just get burried....

So, why not take out time, kabhi-kabhi, just to listen to the voice within... and maybe we would not miss out on something so very important..

the whispers of our soul....tune-in to listen more on this, in a short while from now, on Saat Samundar 3 PM (EST)

Meet a Wonderful Voice, Sadhna Sargam today, on our show, Saat Samundar Paar !!

You must have heard and hummed the beautiful no... Pehla Nasha from Jo jeeta wohi Sikander... heard songs from Damini, from Saathiya... and from a no. of Bollywood films.. And if you happen to follow Tamil, a no of songs rendered by this  very famous and popular Indian singer... a voice so sweet, so melodious, she has sung in over 24 Indian Regional languages... has to her credit a no. of awards..was trained from a very young age, so young that she does'nt even remember, "When"...

Trying to motivate teens....and trying really hard... join in for some solutions on Chat and Chai , today !!

We all want that our children perform very well, they reach the stars... or become to say, become "Tarre Zameen Par".... and in our efforts to help them excel in life, we do everything under the sky !...

So much that sometimes, more than the child we are motivated(and very highly too), and this sometimes leads to a situation where the child feels to be under pressure from none other than  but the parents ...

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