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January 26 Contest on Merasangeet

This Republic Day, Team Merasangeet brings you a speacial "26 January Contest"where in you can win a $26 worth gift card....So, for more details, just keep listening to all our Hindi Radio Shows...on Jan 25 and Jan 26

Dr.Munish Kumar Raizada, MD, FAAP Neonatologist, member of Aam Aadmi Party ,on our Hindi Radio Show

Dr.Munish Kumar Raizada,is a Board-Certified doctor (Neonatologist). Dr.Raizada  is keenly involved in social and political activism in India. He is a member of Aam Aadmi Party. 

Dr. Raizada was based out of Chicago. His wife and family are still there while he has been in India for over 6 months, actively volenteering for AAP.

What drove him to leave his job and come to India...why did he choose to become a part of the movement , of AAP , as he calls it. What are the future plans of far as DR.Raizada is concerned, he is in India... to stay on..

Join us for this conversation, about a movement, a political party which is all set to usher in the change, to bring in Democracy in the real sense of the term.....this Sunday,January 26 on our Hindi Radio show Saat Samundar Paar with a repeat broadcast on Tuesday,on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai,January 28, at 11 AM, EST(both days)

Team Merasangeet wishes you a very Happy New Year-2014

Team Merasangeet wishes all the listeners a very Happy New Year..2014 !!

May all your dreams come true...may you get all success and prosperity and happiness...and may God Bless you...

RIP Farooq Sheikh Sahaab

"Har Mulaquat ka anjaam Judai Kyon hai...."

I think it was the end of October or probably early November, 2011. I had called Farooq Sheikh Sahaab's home for an interview. His wonderful wife Rupaji, picked up the phone on the other end . After I introduced myself and our Radio Station,she gave me a time for the interview.There were no airs, no high handedness...

When I called the next day, Farooq Sheikh answered the phone and the conversation was as easy as the characters he portrayed on you saw him in his various roles...drifting just so very easily into each one of them...

Farooque Sheikh has been one of my very fav.actors I,just like you loved him in films just as much as I did enjoy his various roles on Television....

Today, my heart does feel heavy when I think of those very few special moments...which we bring to you as well....join-in today in paying tributes to one of India's finest Actors- a legend ...Listen-in to the interview today at 11 AM EST...RIP Farooq Sheikh Sahaab....

Own Merasangeet in your own CITY.!

Be your own BOSS-Own Merasangeet in your own CITY.!
Enter 2014 with a BANG.!

Merry Christmas.....Happy Holidays..

Enjoy your Holidays....and ....Stay Tuned with us on Merasangeet....Sab ka meet...

Gulshan Grover, the wonderful Indian actor on our Hindi Radio Show Chat and Chai

It was really nice talking with the wonderful actor and person,Gulshan Grover .Gulshan Grover ji has  appeared in over 400 films...and his latest is the much awaited ,Bullet Raja...which releases in the United States on Thanksgiving day, one day ahead of the day it releases in India. 

So, Gulshan ji talks about the film, about his role which is of "Khalnayak" yes ,but with a difference... and to know what it is , to know what was his experience of working with Saif Ali Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Tigmanshu Dhulia and to hear his wonderful voice and dialouges, just tune-in to  our Hindi Radio show ,Chat and Chai... this Thursday,Nov 11 AM EST...

The one thing so endearing about Gulshan Grover ji is the fact that he came across as a very humble person praising everyone's performance but each of his co-stars all just have to listen-in to believe ...

Sonakshi Sinha,the very popular Indian Actor,on our Hindi Radio Shows

The very beautiful,peppy Sonakshi Sinha,on our Hindi Radio Shows...Yes, it was great talking with the wonderful actor who talks at length about her latest film, Bullet Raja...about how she started her journey into films...of what she actually wnated to be ...

For all this and much more, tune-in for sure on our Hindi Radio Shows Chat and Chai and Hum Bolega tou Bologe ki Bolta hai...this Tuesday,Nov 26 and Wednesday,Nov 27 ...

Sanjay Jamnadas of SBM Ayurcare with us on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai

So we all live in a stressful world, sometimes created by our own selves.There are health issues, work issues and personal issues. So what if we could get a magical tonic to rejuvinate ouverselves. 

And this is exactly what Sanjay Jamnadas of SBM Ayurcare is going to talk to us about. On our Hindi Radio show, we talk to Sanjay about SBM Ayurcare's it would help in our overall well-being.

There is yet one more issue that we take up on the show. It is hairfall and its cure...Sanjay talks with his experience. So, if you would like to know more of the product, REJEUNA, call in at 1888 732 9935 and do for sure tune-in for the conversation with Sanjay on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai, this Friday, Nov 01

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