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Eid celebrations, a glimpse across some countries,today on our radio show,Saat Samundar Paar

Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.  After the end of Ramadan, is a big celebration of Eid...Eid, which is celebrated acroos countries all around the world...

And today , we take you Saat Samundar Paar..across some countries, and catch a glimpse to see the way Eid is celebrated ...

So if you have any "bachpan"ki yaadein of Eid that you spent back home, do share them with us here or at our fb page do for sure join us today,on our Hindi Radio Show, Saat Samundar Paar..

Money Gram's Senior Marketing Manager for South Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe,Ms. Zainab Ali, joins us, on our radio show

MoneyGram, a leading money transfer company, enables consumers who are not fully served by traditional financial institutions to meet their financial needs. MoneyGram offers bill payment services in the United States and Canada and money transfer services worldwide through a global network of more than 284,000 agent locations – including retailers, international post offices and financial institutions – in 196 countries and territories.

Money Gram's Senior Marketing Manager for South Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe,Ms. Zainab Ali, joins us for a discussion on the various services offered by Moneygram,on our Hindi Radio Show,today....Meanwhile, to learn more about money transfer or bill payment at an agent location or online, please visit or you could connect ofacebook

HMEC 2012 -7th Annual Hindu Mandir Executives' Conference, know more about the event from our esteemed guests on our Radio Show

Our Guest,Dr. Abhaya Asthana is a Bell Labs Fellow with Corporate CTO at Alcatel-Lucent. He directs R&D in the areas of computer and communications systems and solutions, multimedia, wireless systems, converged network systems, computer architecture, operating systems, optical networks and VLSI design. He led the design of VLSI systems at INTEL from 1982-1985 and was on the faculty of IIT Kanpur in 1984.
Learning about Hindu Dharma, history and cultural tradition, living it and then passing it on to the next generation is his passion. He has been active in community service at the local and national levels. His main focus has been in promoting educational and spiritual programs and projects that will help Hindus living in North America to remain Hindus, and through their lives contribute to the richness of their adopted land. Organizing Youth Camps, Bal Vihars, Youth Conferences, Dharma Samsads, Hindu Awareness Yaatras, Hindu Mandir Executive Conferences, Hindu Heritage Days, Hindu Seva Day, Hindu Mandir Pandit's Conference, are some examples of what he has been actively doing for the past 25 years.

Also on our show, our guest,Mr.Sant Gupta moved to the US over 42 years ago. He holds B. Tech. in EE from IIT Delhi and MSEE and MBA from the US universities.Mr. Sant has been active with the Hindu Temples locally and nationally. Other activities include participation in Inter-Faith dialog (IFC MW), IAFPE –VA (Indian American Forum of Political Education), HAF (Hindu American Foundation, an advocacy organization), Capital-IIT, outreach to local communities and county government and others. He is the past President of Durga Temple, Fairfax station, VA. He has 3 adult children and lives with his wife of 38 years in Fairfax County, VA. Professionally, he works as a Business Development executive for the clients in US DoD marketplace. He is the immediate past President of Durga Temple, VA.


On the show,we also have Samir Asthana ,Youth Coordinator for CHY. Do join us and get to know more about the event, the venue...meanwhile do visit    and do join us on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai, Today...

Happy Independence Day to all Indians spread across the globe from all of us here at Merasangeet

15 August, India's Independence Day, Our Independence Day...So while we wish you the very best on this day, it is also a time to reflect on so many important issues. But first of all, we must bow in gratitude to the sacrifices made by millions of freedom fighters, the brave sons and daughters of India...jinki quarbaniyon ke kaaran aaj hum is khuli hawa mein, is khuli fiza mein jee rahe hain...

Independence Day..Yes, certainly a day to reflect on so many issues that touch our motherland...corrouption, poverty, illitracy and so much is a time to reflect on the contributions made by an older generation and to reflect if we are contributing enough..If not, we have no right to demand...Yes, it is a time to stop demanding but a time when we start to make those changes which we have been wanting to see..time to give back to our society,our Country..India..

Join us today, on all our Hindi Radio shows, as we journey with you,on this Independence Day....on Merasangeet, sab ka meet...And yes, there is a contest waiting for you...just for today..."Desh Bhaqt Contest"...

The legendary Indian Actor,Manoj Kumar ji on our Hindi Radio show,on Mera Sangeet

Stay tuned for Manoj Kumar's interview on Hindi Radio Mera Sangeet

"Hum aapki films dekhte dekhte bade huye....are aap hamari films dekte dekte budhi bhi ho jayengi.."

This is the spirit of our very dear,the legendary Indian Actor,Manoj Kumar ji who graces our show....So, I could not have asked for more when I rang up and got the number for Manoj Kumar ji's son Kunal ji who gave me the direct number for his dad, our very dear Manoj Kumar a few moments I was talking to one of my fav.actors whose films I grew up many of you ofcourse.... The conversation with manoj Kumar Sahaab was just wonderful, momentarily it took us back to the days of partition...a very trajic moment in our lives...certainly, and as Manoj Kumar ji relives these moments, you will be able to see and understand the association he has had  and could have with patriotic films...

And we certainly loved him in all his films, all the beautiful roles...and Manoj Kumar ji talks lovingly of the bygone days, his co-stars...and so much more...So, if you have seen Shor and loved it, you'll want to know the story behind'll also want to know about Manoj Kumar ji's loving family... so for this, and for much tune-in today..on our Hindi Radio Show...

On Friendships Day we are joined by some very dear Merasangeet FB fanclub members,today on our Radio Show, Saat Samundar Paar.

         " Dost mil jaayenge kayi lekin....Koi na milega mere jaisa.."
So, aap rahein hamesha hamare saath..on
Wishing all our very dear friends a very Happy Friendship Day...
So, do keep all your friends kareeb...may your true friends multiply in number and be with you always...
We are joined by some of our fb fanclub members..Mihir Dave,Aarti Bajaj, Saurabh...and yes Yasier Strings shares a message too..So do join in..for the message and the dedications today on our Hindi Radio Show, Saat Samundar Paar....

Pallavi Joshi,Indian film and television actress, on our Hindi Radio Show

Pallavi Joshi, is an Indian film and television actress who has to her credit a number of films, television serials..and yes ofcourse she has also produced a number of Marathi Serials...She has also received the  National Film Award.Pallavi has also hosted some very popular shows in India...

But her journey started very early...when she was as young as 4 years or so...and you'll be well,not so surprised when you hear the reason...for one, her famous brother,child actor Master Alankar Joshi was then a star child artist..and for the rest you'll have to just tune-in..

Pallavi was very nice to talk with...just like you see her on-screen...easy-going,with a smile...

and likewise, she takes us takes us back and forth and to the will simply love meeting the very familier face you saw on television and films, today. on our Hindi Radio Show...

Juhi Chawla talks to us about 'Krishna Aur Kans' and a number of her forthcoming projects on our radio show,Chat and Chai


Juhi Chawla...the beautiful,bubbly,cheerful,very popular Indian Actress graces our show...

Yes,yes..ofcourse we would certainly be getting to know about her ..but this time, on the show, we talk about her projects...focus on just the present..which has lots to offer..

So, first is the animation film, 'Krishna Aur Kans' which has the voice cast of Juhi Chawla as Mother Yashoda.."'Krishna Aur Kans' is India's first animation film to be released in 3D and is sure to bring families together in cinemas this Janmashtami. It is a captivating story based on Lord Krishna's early life and the victory of good over evil...

And Juhi says she was spelbound when she saw the movie during the preview..her children were totally glued too..So, the movie is all set to hit theatres on Aug 03...and we certainly wait for it..

Well, Juhi has some other very interesting projects..Main Krishna Hoon and Son of Sardar...know more about these wonderful films...set for release later this year,as Juhi gives us a peep into the films and her role(s)..

Do join us for this wonderful chat with your (and mine ofcourse) fav actress ,Juhi Chawla,today,Aug 02, on our Hindi Radio Show,Chat and Chai..

In Remembrance:Zarin Kapur and Vijay Dixit on Shreya R. Dixit and the Shreya R. Dixit Memorial Foundation on our Radio Show

"Jo bhi bichde hain kab milen hain Firaq,phir bhi tu intezaar kar..Shayad"

But when death does us part, we know it is forever...and then to pick ourselves up and move on needs tremendous courage...and Vijay Dixit is one such name, who has turned a very tragic incident into a source of hope for others...voicing and sharing his experience of loosing his daughter,Shreya, in a road accident for no mistake of hers..

It just happened in a fraction of a second,like all accidents do..and then there is no looking back...So , Vijay Dixit and his family has now taken upon themselves the task of educating people about safe driving through the various walks that they organise every year. On the show, he gives us details about the same. 

We are also joined by Zarin Kapur,a family member and an active volenteer of the foundation. You too can be a part of the walk,wherever you may be in the can get in touch with either Zarin Kapur or Vijay Disit .Do visit  and . You could also post in your messages here or at our fb page

I believe in investing in human capital and pledge to make immigration reform a priority : Upendra J.Chivukula,on our radio show

Assemblyman Mr.Upendra J. Chivukula graces our show,Chat and Chai. And it was certainly wonderful speaking with him..

New Jersey General Assembly Deputy Speaker Upendra J. Chivukula, who is running for  Congress from New Jersey's Congressional District 7 supports President Obama's initiative to help young immigrants grow into productive members of society. He pledges to make far reaching immigration reform a priority when elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

In November 2001, Chivukula (D-Somerset\Middlesex) was elected to the New Jersey Legislature from New Jersey's 17th Legislative District. He is Deputy Speaker, chairman of the Assembly Telecom and Utilities Committee and vice chair of the Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee. He also serves as a member of the Transportation, Public Works, and Independent Authorities Committee

Assemblyman Chivukula is the only Indian-American in the 120-member New Jersey Legislature... He has a track record of being a problem solver who has also helped catapult New Jersey to a leader in clean energy with groundbreaking measures to incentivize the use and development of renewable sources like wind and solar...
Please join me on Chat and Chai for a discussion with Assemblyman Chivukula on immigration reform, the importance of clean energy and improving the national economy, his views on President Obama's Health Care Reforms and immigration.
We will also explore his journey from being an engineer to becoming a public official.Join us today on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai...US Times (Eastern Times) – 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM, 8:00 PM,and July 13 at 12:00 AM, 5 AM
And meanwhile do visit  and  and if you want to reach Mr.Upendra J. Chivukula, drop in a mail at
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