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Merry Christmas.....Happy Holidays..

Enjoy your Holidays....and ....Stay Tuned with us on Merasangeet....Sab ka meet...

Gulshan Grover, the wonderful Indian actor on our Hindi Radio Show Chat and Chai

It was really nice talking with the wonderful actor and person,Gulshan Grover .Gulshan Grover ji has  appeared in over 400 films...and his latest is the much awaited ,Bullet Raja...which releases in the United States on Thanksgiving day, one day ahead of the day it releases in India. 

So, Gulshan ji talks about the film, about his role which is of "Khalnayak" yes ,but with a difference... and to know what it is , to know what was his experience of working with Saif Ali Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Tigmanshu Dhulia and to hear his wonderful voice and dialouges, just tune-in to  our Hindi Radio show ,Chat and Chai... this Thursday,Nov 11 AM EST...

The one thing so endearing about Gulshan Grover ji is the fact that he came across as a very humble person praising everyone's performance but each of his co-stars all just have to listen-in to believe ...

Sonakshi Sinha,the very popular Indian Actor,on our Hindi Radio Shows

The very beautiful,peppy Sonakshi Sinha,on our Hindi Radio Shows...Yes, it was great talking with the wonderful actor who talks at length about her latest film, Bullet Raja...about how she started her journey into films...of what she actually wnated to be ...

For all this and much more, tune-in for sure on our Hindi Radio Shows Chat and Chai and Hum Bolega tou Bologe ki Bolta hai...this Tuesday,Nov 26 and Wednesday,Nov 27 ...

Sanjay Jamnadas of SBM Ayurcare with us on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai

So we all live in a stressful world, sometimes created by our own selves.There are health issues, work issues and personal issues. So what if we could get a magical tonic to rejuvinate ouverselves. 

And this is exactly what Sanjay Jamnadas of SBM Ayurcare is going to talk to us about. On our Hindi Radio show, we talk to Sanjay about SBM Ayurcare's it would help in our overall well-being.

There is yet one more issue that we take up on the show. It is hairfall and its cure...Sanjay talks with his experience. So, if you would like to know more of the product, REJEUNA, call in at 1888 732 9935 and do for sure tune-in for the conversation with Sanjay on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai, this Friday, Nov 01

Winners of a contest on Merasangeet with the very popular actor, Imran Khan

Winners of a contest on Merasangeet with the very popular actor,Imran Khan. Thanks so much to all our listeners for participating and congratulations to all our winners ...Stay tuned for many more contests and prizes on Merasangeet...

Well Known Indian Film Director Hansal Mehta and the very popular Indian Actor, Raj Kumar Yadav on our Hindi Radio Shows

The Oficial Trailer of the must see film,"Shahid"...speaks for itself...More about the wonderful film, catch Hansal Mehta in conversation with Sahil on Friday, Oct 18 .Raj Kumar Yadav also talks extensively about the film, how was it playing the role and much more..catch the conversation on our Hindi radio Show, Chat and Chai at 11 AM, EST, on Thursday, Oct 17....

And do watch the film for sure..

Surbhi Singhal,walk lead,San Diego and Lizette Solis,walk lead,Chicago,for CRY America ,on our Hindi Radio Show,Chat and Chai

Surbhi Singhal,walk lead,for CRY America, gives details about the forthcoming event on our Hindi Radio Show. 

The 5k walk run starts at 8:30 the childrens 1 k is at 10.There will be lot of activities near the walk :Yoga + Badminton + Massages + Music + Games and much More! 

The children get a finishers medal for the 1k.The registrants for the walk/run get a tshirt and a goodie bag as well as prizes for the winners of the run. 

For more details do tune-in this Wednesday, October 02 on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai and in the meanwhile do visit

CRY Chicago presents 5K Walk event to benefit kids fighting for their basic rights everyday. Lizette Solis,walk lead,Chicago,gives us the details on our Hindi Radio Show.Join CRY America and help make this event a grand success and in turn change the lives of under-privileged children one step at a time! Register, fundraise or donate using the link below-

Onsite registration and packet pickup is between  8:30am to 9:30am.

The money raised through CRY Walk 2013 will be utilized to partner child development projects in India and USA. We urge you to take a walk in the right direction! So for more details on the walk and on the events, do tune-in this Thursday, Oct 03, on our Hindi Radio Shows at 11 AM, EST

And if you would like to reach Surbhi or Lizette, do write in at

Mr.S.N. Shukla, IAS officer of 1967 batch and Mr.Jasvir Singh,IPS officer 1992 batch on our Hindi Radio Show,Chat and Chai

The suspension of the young IAS officer,Durga Shakti Nagpal,seems to have blown the lid off the underlying circumstances,the issues that may be. India is certainly a great country but we do have our own share of problems. From the time of the Rajas and Maharajas,to the British Rule to Partition to Idependence ...the journey indeed has been a long one...
After decades of being Independent, has India lost its glory,its charm to petty crimes, corrouption,and if facts are to be believed, India was ranked 94th out of 176 countries in Transparency International’s
 2012 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released on 5 December 2012.
So how do we as Indians plan to move out of this self-created rut.
The onus still lies on the officers of integrety, honesty who hold the service of the country above all. Officer(s) like Mr.Jasvir Singh, who has been fighting it out all on his own trying to bring a change. And he says, here the role of NRI's, of the Indian citizens should come to the fore,to help sustain the honest officers, to support them so that they can deliver in return...Mr.Jasvir Singh is a 1992 batch IPS officer(presently on study leave,pursuing the final year ofLLB from Delhi University).Otherwise, posted as DIG in Gorakhpur,UP,who unfortunately has not been given his due promotion...reason-he is an upright officer,who fearlessly calls a spade a spade..Join in for this discussion , on our Hindi Radio Show,Chat and Chai, this Wednesday,Aug 28 .. 
We also have on the show, Mr.S.N. Shukla,a very senior retired IAS officer of the1967 batch. He retired from the scale of Chief Secretary of the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh, and thereafter served as the Adminstrative  Member of the Board of Revenue (scale of CS) and then as the Chairman of the UP State Vigilance Commission.He takes us to his time ..when things were different,when the seniors and even ministers stood by the honest officers..Times have changed now he feels but yes,with the association once again standing up...things could look up . He feels the Govt of India will have to come clean on their role as the cadre controlling authority of the Services... Stay tuned-in for More on Thursday,Aug 29,on our Hindi Radio Show Chat and Chai..
If you have any message for Mr S.N. Shukla or Mr.Jasvir Singh, do write in at
"Much has been doen by the Anna Hazare team's movement which drew the entire nation together, even though momentorily, it did convey the message, that we as Indians are fedup with corrouption and want to surge forward...and for that we will have to come forward in support of all the honest officers serving the nation..."

Prakash Jha ,Indian film producer-director-screenwriter, on our Hindi Radio Shows on Merasangeet

Prakash Jha is an Indian film producer-director-screenwriter, who is most known for his political and socio-political films .So we have a wonderful discussion with him,on our Hindi Radio Shows. And this time it is his forthcoming,soon to be relesed film, Satyagraha, about which we talk. So, how different or similar is the film to the movement which will stand as a milestone in India's history..even thoough for a brief period ,it did convey a message of what the youth of India wants today...the movement led by Team Anna...And you must listen-in to know what Prakash Jha has to say on this and about the story line of the movie....About the wonderful star-cast,working with them, the songs in the film and much more...

Do join-in for this chat with us on our Hindi Radio shows, Chat and Chai,27 Aug....and Sahil's show,Hum Bolega Tou Bologe ki Bolta Hai,Aug 28....

Shiraz Uppal,the very well known Pakistani singer and songwriter on our Hindi Radio Shows on Merasangeet

It was just fun talking with ,and listening to the wonderful voice of Shiraz Uppal..A well known singer and songwriter from Pakistan,who has left a mark on Bollywood with his style of singing...yes,and we've loved his nos..Raanjhanaa,Roya Re,Rabba and many more...

So,get to know the great voice,the wonderful person, Shiraz Uppal who takes us down memory he after a MBA, a job decided that yes,it was time to say quits ...for something that had been his passion...

And who was or what was his inspiration....what is it that his heart followed..this and much more about Shiraz on our upcoming Hindi Radio Shows on Merasangeet...On Chat and Chai,this Thursday, Aug 15 and with Sahil on Hum Bolega Tou Bologe Ki Bolta Hai,this Friday, Aug 16...

Do tune-in for sure and yes,if you have a message for Shiraz,do post it here or at our fb page

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