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Sanjay Yengul, CRY America, Boston Chapter Lead, on our Hindi Radio Show

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So, our listeners in and around Boston, do keep 24-Sep is a Saturday...take part in some fun activities, walk, meet up friends and new people and indulge in some Samosas....the event is a walk, organised by the Boston Chapter of CRY America.. And yes, the proceeds will all go for a good helping the

Details about the CRY America Raleigh and San Diego Chapter Walks

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Join the CRY America Raleigh and San Diego Walks if you live in or around here.. For more details on the events, on the way you could volunteer or donate, listen to to our guests for the show...Pavan, CRY Walk Lead, Raleigh. We also have Shelly and Karishma who talk to us about the San Diego

In conversation with the Walk Leads of CRY America,New York and Philadelphia chapters

So our listeners who are in and around New York and Philadelphia have much to do this weekend …lot of fun activities and that too for a great cause…CRY America supports the underprivileged children in India and in the USA.

So, we have our guest from Philadelphia , CRY Walk Lead, Sanjeev Santhanam who has been with Non profit for the last two years. His Mantra, “Its just a small way of me giving back to the society that gave me so much, And the fact that my work makes a real impact keeps me going”. So join in, the venue is : Lukens Park 540,Dresher Road Horsham,PA 19044. The date is Sept 17, 2016, a Saturday and the time is 9 am to 1 pm.

Also on our show is CRY New York Walk Lead, Devabrat Kumar who I has been volunteering with CRY for 6.5 years and has been leading NY walk for two years now. His mantra has been to make sure that his group ‘Makes an impact and has fun raising friends and funds for Child Rights’. So, be a part of the event too. The date is Sept 18, 2016. The venue and the timings are on the flyer here.

For more on the events, donation, volunteering, do please tune-in to our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai, on Friday on MeraSangeet Gold at 9 AM , 11 AM , 2 PM , 5 PM and 8 PM ET. If you need any more information, write in for sure at

In conversation with Om Puri Sahaab, on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai

One of India’s finest actors, Om Puri Sahaab, graced our Hindi radio Show, Chat and Chai and it was a real treat to talk with him. The conversation was on his Pakistani debut film , Actor In Law. Om Puri Sahaab is all in praise of the Director of the film, Nabeel Qureshi and the Producer, Fizza Ali Meerza. He speaks high of his co- actors in the film and the entire crew,he talks of their passion, their commitment, their talent which he feels is amazing !

So, the conversation revolves around the film, the making of the film and the love he received during his stay in Pakistan. There are a number of anecdotes he shares. Om Puri Sahaab also makes a point–As we spoke there were three Bollywood movies running in theaters in Pakistan and he wished we in India could do the same–run Pakistani films.
So, Do tune-in for this wonderful conversation, this Friday,9 September, on MeraSangeet Gold at 9 AM , 11 AM , 2 PM , 5 PM and 8 PM ET. And do for sure watch the film in theaters next to you on 12 September.

Percy Presswalla, Action Center Lead,CRY America, on Chat and Chai

Percy Presswalla is the Action Center Lead, Orange County Action Center, CRY America, and talks about the ensuing walk on 11 September. CRY America organizes walks all across the country and this year, Orange county is a brand-new action center and would be the first in the league to host.
For more details about the walk, about the events through the day , about how you could volunteer and be a part, do join in our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai ,this Wednesday, 07 September on MeraSangeet Gold at 9 AM , 11 AM , 2 PM , 5 PM and 8 PM -ET. You could also reach Percy at or visit OR OR write in a mail at

In conversation with the very popular Indian Actor, Kabir Bedi

The conversation with the wonderful actor, Kabir Bedi, revolved around his film, Bazodee- in theaters next to you from 05 August…Do watch it for sure. And do for sure listen in to the conversation on our show Chat and Chai, brought to you in association with USA STAR TV Network.
So, to know more about the film, about the shooting, about the beautiful location, tune-in on the 3rd on our Gold Channel and on the 4th, the venue is our main station !
Catch us for sure and write in at !

In Conversation with one of India’s finest Filmmakers, Nagesh Kukunoor

It is always great to get the opportunity to converse with one of India’s finest Filmmaker, one of very favorite, Nagesh Kukunoor. This time it is about his film, a children’s one – Dhanak. Watch this one for sure as it is a story of hope, of dreams…a story set in the backdrop of one of the most magnificent states of India – Rajasthan !
The conversation revolves around the film, on why he chooses Rajasthan for most of his movies, of how it was to work with children and a lot more..
Do listen in to the interview- this Thursday, 16 June, at 9 AM , 11 AM , 2 PM , 5 pm and 8 PM -ETon Mera Sangeet Gold. If you miss that tune-in on Friday,17 June at 12 PM , 2 PM ,4 PM , 6 PM, and 8 PM –ET
And for sure, do watch the film, Dhanak, in theaters next to you on 17 June.