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Alwida Om Puri Sahaab, RIP

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A very very sad day today...The Great Indian Actor, Om Puri Sahaab is no more with us...RIP Om Puri Sahaab....The world of Cinema has lost yet another gem... Today, we bring to you a conversation we had with the veteran actor, a few months back. He spoke at length with us, about Bollywood, Indian films, the

Pooja and Suman of the CRY America Phoenix Chapter, on Chat and Chai

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On our Hindi Radio show, our guests are CRY America Phoenix Chapter lead Pooja Yedavelli. We are also joined by a very active membr of the same Chapter, Suman Challagulla. They give out details of the forthcoming event which is on a Saturday, the 22nd of October. So, there, you have an event to be a

Aarushi Jain and Ekta Jain of the CRY Atlanta Chapter on Chat and Chai

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Here is inspiration to do something good. Aaarushi is a high school student who has learnt to give back to society pretty early...a volunteer for the CRY Atlanta Chapter, she is doing great work. So is her mother, Ekta Jain, Lead for the CRY Atlanta must tune-in for the interview.. Know about the CRY Walk,

In conversation with Shikha Bhatia, CRY America New Jersey Chapter Lead

You can book 16-Oct, coming Sunday for a fun filled event and for a great cause…Do give back to society–you could volunteer or donate …and to know how, just join in the conversation this Tuesday, October 11 on our Hindi radio Show, Chat and Chai on MeraSangeet Gold at 9 AM, 11 AM , 2 PM , 5 pm and 8 PM -ET.

The guest on the show is CRY America New Jersey Chapter Lead, Shikha Bhatia who has an interesting story to narrate on how she joined CRY…well, the best part is, she and her lovely daughters are part of the organisation….You could be a part to….for more information, listen-in to the show. You could also write in at our fb page or at

In conversation with Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, on our Hindi radio Station, Chat and Chai

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra- one of India’s finest film-makers’… Had a very nice conversation with him on his film-Mirzya. So, we talk about the film, how he got into bringing this tragic love story onto the silver screen. And Rakeyshji takes us down memory lane- back to the day he had watched a play on Mirza-Sahiban,… on how the thought of Sahiban had stayed with him….and how a question in his mind led him on–35 years later to make a film–on this eternal love story…

So, this folklore, this story of Greater Punjab, if it can be put that way, finds its way in Rajasthan–retold by a great filmaker, in his own beautiful way…watch it for sure as it releases in theaters next to you on the 7th of October…

And, to catch a glimpse of the views of the Director and Co-Producer of the film, our very own,Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, tune-in for sure on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai, on MeraSangeet Gold on Wednesday, 5 October at 9 AM, 11 AM , 2 PM , 5 pm and 8 PM -ET and on Thursday, 6 October at 12 PM , 2 PM ,4 PM , 6 PM, and 8 PM –ET on MeraSangeet Main .