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Conversation with Jugal Hansraj, from our Archives

We go down to our childhood days – with Jugal Hansraj – to the days when Masoom had released and Jugal’s screen presence, his innocence , the character he had portrayed had captured everyone’s heart — so if you have not seen masoom as yet, I for one would strongly recommend this one movie – where you would need loads of tissues in hand…
so, back to the conversation , we talk about his many many movies – the ones he acted in and the ones he directed too…

So, many of us would not know but Jugal has a deep sense of music too – to know about this and much much more, do tune-in to our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai on MeraSangeet Gold on 6 Oct at 7:00 AM , 9:00 AM ,11:00 AM , 1:00 PM , 3:00 PM , 5:00 PM, 7:00PM , 9:00 PM and on our LA Station at 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM

Conversation with Suresh Wadkar, from our archives

This is another conversation which I will always remember – with the so very polite and humble, the very well known legendary Indian singer, Suresh Wadkar sahaab..

So, on the show , we will be journeying back to his childhood – to the days when he started to sing- to the present ….we learn so much about Suresh Wadkar sahaab..

So in case you missed this earlier, tune-in today, 29 September, on our Hindi Radio show, Chat and Chai on MeraSangeet Gold, at 11 AM , 2 PM , 5 PM and 8 PM -ET !

Conversation with Talat Aziz Sahaab, from our Archives

This is one conversation which I hold so close to my heart – many reasons, actually – for one Talat Aziz Sahaab came across as such a humble person – a person attains heights and yet remains grounded – the biggest quality anyone can have – and you will know this as you hear the interview…

Second, Talat Aziz Sahaab sings with ease at every request of mine….talks with ease about each moment of his life… and the list goes on…

Please do not miss the interview – Tune-in to our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai on Merasangeet Gold, today, 15 September, at 11 AM , 2 PM , 5 PM and 8 PM -ET !

Conversation with Shailendra Singh, from our Archives

This conversation took place some years back – Shailendra Singhji came across as a very soft spoken person, so full of life – comfortable at his pace now, fondly remembering the days gone by…

So there are so many anecdotes he has to share…of Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle and so much more…

This is a must listen one – do tune -in today,08 September on our Hindi radio Show, Chat and Chai on Merasangeet Gold at 9 AM, 11 AM , 2 PM , 5 PM and 8 PM -ET !

Incase you are unable too, stay tuned-in on the weekends !

In Conversation with Sidharth Malhotra on our Hindi Radio Show

Do tune-in for this very wonderful conversation with the talented and dashing Indian actor, Sidharth Malhotra. We talk about his film, A Gentleman, releasing in theaters from 25th August! Do watch it for sure and send in your reviews at

And for sure, listen in to the conversation on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai on MeraSangeet Gold at 9 AM, 11 AM , 2 PM , 5 PM and 8 PM -ET, this Thursday, 24 August!

Fashion designer Anita Dongre, on our Hindi Radio Show,Chat & Chai

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It was great talking with the very well -known, fashion designer, Anita Dongre - Also the founder of House of Anita Dongre. We talk to her about her recently launched eco - friendly brand - Grassroot, about her journey to now, about her store in New York and much much more ! Join -in the

Dr.Vikas Bhatara, on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai

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Dr.Vikas Bhatara, M.D.FCCP, has taken out time to be on our show and discuss an important issue. Important yes, if you happen to be out this summers or if you are an outdoor person, then you need to be careful about Tick bites.Tick season is in which could lead to Lyme disease. So, we discuss this in

Bhumi Pednekar on Chat and Chai

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This conversation was really nice....Bhumi was great to talk bubbly and nice as we see her in films....join in for sure on Thursday, 09 August on Chat and Chai on MeraSangeet Gold brought to you in association with STAR TV, USA !

Band Sanam in conversation with Rj Sahil

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Warning-Do Not Misss.! Do listen to Band Sanam's interview today with Rj Sahil today at 1 pm , 3 pm ,5 pm and 7 pm et. U'll get to enjoy a number of songs sung by them and some interesting secrets about the band :) Follow @merasangeet

From our Archives, conversation with Farooq Sheikh Sahaab

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Great people always live on ... in our hearts....Tune - in to this wonderful conversation from our archives with Farooq Sheikh sahaab....recored some years back...when he was with, in the heaven's above... The show is Chat and Chai on MeraSangeet Gold !