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San Jose Se RJ Shubhra

My name is Shubhra Jain, I live in San Jose, California. I am a Mathematics teacher by profession and I love to talk !!
Radio happened because my students always told me that my classes were so much fun as I made the concept sound easy.. Each concept was embedded in a story.. Students did not realize that they were learning 🙂 My 2015 class of 12th graders started calling me funny and jokingly insisted that I should consider stand up comedy seriously because my Calculus AP class would be roaring with laughter while other teachers/students wondered why! Well the results of my students were outstanding and that made me realize that we teachers can make learning so much fun! ( I wish, I had a teacher like me  hahaha)
Biggest reason is my last visit to India- My childhood friends insisted and encouraged me to pursue my dream of story telling to the world (Thanks Prateek !!!!) My voice mail about a delayed flight and chaotic circumstances thereafter convinced my loved ones that I have a radio voice , clear diction and a natural way of playing with words.
Well.. Long story short.. Mera Sangeet found me interesting and groomed me so that I could reach out to all of you.  Rest is History ! ( no no it’s Mathematics :)) 

Show Timings-

Puraana Mohalla every Sunday – 7 am, 11 am, 3 pm, 7 pm, 11 pm (et)

Baaton Baaton Mein every Wednesday – 6 am, 1 pm, 7 pm, 10 pm (et)

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Call – 1 800 471 8987 ext 7