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Mera Sangeet is the leading Hindi music radio station in the US. We have a very talented team. We are always for individuals  who very passionate about Hindi/Bollywood music and radio. Join the Mera Sangeet team and be a part of the largest South Asian entertainment community in the US.

We are looking for:

-Sales Executives

Mera Sangeet is looking for advertising sales executives.  If you have a strong networking and good communication skills, you can be  an advertisement sales executive for Mera Sangeet.  Mera Sangeet’s advertisement platform provides geographic-targeting for audio ads at a very affordable costs. Local businesses can choose their monthly budget and targeting area for their radio campaign. The platform provides many options such as gateway ad, instream audio etc.

We are looking for sales representatives in all states in the US. This is a commissions based position.

Be part of the fastest growing Bollywood /Hindi radio station in the US.

-US Based Radio Jockeys (Volunteer)

If you love Hindi and Bollywood music, have interesting perspectives to share, love to talk and most important, people love to listen to you talk; we are interested in you. Please provide as much relevant information as you can about yourself including,  the type of program you would like to host (e.g. old songs, sport, business, technology,  travel).


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