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Fashion designer Anita Dongre, on our Hindi Radio Show,Chat & Chai

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It was great talking with the very well -known, fashion designer, Anita Dongre - Also the founder of House of Anita Dongre. We talk to her about her recently launched eco - friendly brand - Grassroot, about her journey to now, about her store in New York and much much more ! Join -in the

Dr.Vikas Bhatara, on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai

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Dr.Vikas Bhatara, M.D.FCCP, has taken out time to be on our show and discuss an important issue. Important yes, if you happen to be out this summers or if you are an outdoor person, then you need to be careful about Tick bites.Tick season is in which could lead to Lyme disease. So, we discuss this in

Bhumi Pednekar on Chat and Chai

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This conversation was really nice....Bhumi was great to talk bubbly and nice as we see her in films....join in for sure on Thursday, 09 August on Chat and Chai on MeraSangeet Gold brought to you in association with STAR TV, USA !

Band Sanam in conversation with Rj Sahil

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Warning-Do Not Misss.! Do listen to Band Sanam's interview today with Rj Sahil today at 1 pm , 3 pm ,5 pm and 7 pm et. U'll get to enjoy a number of songs sung by them and some interesting secrets about the band :) Follow @merasangeet

From our Archives a conversation with the great Indian legend, Shammi Kapoor Sahaab

As I go back to the time of the interview, I just have one wish to make like I did then , and that was to freeze the time, to hold on to the time , the era, the Shammi Kapoor Era….the magic continued I am sure in all those peoples lives which were touched by the wand of the legend called Shammi Kapoor…
Yes, he happened to be my fav star of all times..I had grown watching his films…and it was a moment out of the blue for me to be able to speak with him..
The interview happened when he was at the fag end of his life..but little did we know then…he was still so full of life. He counted the days of a week that he would be in the hospital for Dialysis and asked me to call him on any of the remaining ones…Great people are great because they have greatness engraved in them…on the scheduled day, he got delayed by an hour as he was busy with another interview, but made it a point to come on the phone to tell me personally how “sorry” he was and that he would be back in an hour..
Back he certainly was, apologetic again for the delay ….we have much to learn from you Shammi Kapoor Sahaab and you will always remain in our hearts…always be my fav star of all times…
Do tune in for the interview today on MeraSangeet Gold and lets all take a peep into yesteryears, into Shammi Kapoor Sahaab’s films, his life…and as I said then, I say these very famous words again, “thehar ye dil ki bekhudi, itna tou dekh lene de
woh khud tashreef laaye hain, yaa unki yaad aayi hai”…

From our Archives, conversation with Farooq Sheikh Sahaab

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Great people always live on ... in our hearts....Tune - in to this wonderful conversation from our archives with Farooq Sheikh sahaab....recored some years back...when he was with, in the heaven's above... The show is Chat and Chai on MeraSangeet Gold !

From our Archives, conversation with Jagjit Singh Sahaab

This is not to be missed….tune-in for sure as we go down, some years back….when the evening was slowly progressing towards its last bend, bidding goodbye to the day….when Mumbai was witnessing rains, as it does this time of the year, and overlapping all this was the beautiful, soulful voice of Jagjit Singh Sahaab….the Ghazal king as he is fondly remembered…

The conversation revolved around his childhood days, his music which reached the masses….and so much more…

So, catch the interview once again, from our archives, on our Hindi Radio Show, Chat and Chai, on MeraSangeet Gold, brought to you in association with STAR TV, USA

From our Archives, Conversation with Prem Chopra Sahaab

Prem Chopra Sahaab, and his contribution to the Golden era of Indian cinema has been so much so that we know for sure, that the era would not have been as we know it to be…

This conversation will always remain close to my heart….recorded a few years back, a must listen in – on our Hindi Radio Show, chat and Chai, on MeraSangeet Gold, today !